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Data and Cloud Engineering for Climate Tech

Data & Cloud Engineering

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Hello! My name is Chris Sattinger and this is Mattermind Labs, a software company based in Berlin. I love to work on a project basis helping startups and scaleups in Climate Tech and Renewable Energy to build product.

Build your MVP

MVP discovery, rapid prototyping and full-stack concept-to-deployment for startups in Climate Tech.

Software Engineer Team Augmentation

Hiring is difficult, and many startups have limited budget and cannot get access to experienced senior engineers.

Cloud Engineering and Architecture

Scale your applications beyond the initial build out.

Data Integration and Data Pipeline Development

Build data pipelines to get source data to your data warehouse, data lake or data science platform.

Bring Data Science models into production

Unify your data teams hard work, delivering production data pipelines and secure, monitored deployments.

API development

Make your data available as a public or paid API.

Observability and Metrics

Monitoring for your applications and infrastructure.

Kubernetes Architecture and Maintenance

Manage a Kubernetes cluster that is affordable, secure, scalable and easy to maintain.

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